ISSN: 1834-6057

Shima is a peer-refereed academic journal that is published twice a year in open access online form and has been registered with the Directory of Open Access Journals since 2007.

Shima publishes:

  • Theoretical and/or comparative studies of islands and marine cultures
  • Case studies of islands and marine cultures
  • Accounts of collaborative research and development projects in island and marine cultures
  • Analyses of fictional representations of islands, 'islandness,' and oceanic issues
  • Photo and Video Essays on any aspects of the above

Shima (ISSN: 1834-6057) is a double blind, peer-refereed research published by Shima Publishing (Australia).

All material in the journal is open access and no processing or publishing fees are charged to authors.

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The opinions expressed in articles in this journal are those of the authors alone. Authors are responsible for clearing any necessary permissions on uses of visual material included in submissions. Submission tracking is provided to submitting authors.

The editor selects appropriate peer reviewers but will consider any request for the exclusion of any specific reviewer (such as, for example, concern over conflict of interest).

The editor’s decision on submissions is final. Retraction or revision of published material is possible, when suitable reason is provided, at the discretion of the editor. The journal will also publish correspondence on matters arising, either on the journal website or, for more substantial submissions, in the main body of the journal.

Copyright for articles published in this journal is held jointly by the authors and Shima (unless special arrangements are negotiated). No commercial reproduction of material is allowed without permission. All non-commercial use of material must carry attribution of the original source. Articles accepted for publication in Shima may be posted in open access repositories and/or on author’s personal research pages upon completion of the journal’s proofing processes in the form supplied to the authors (and identified as forthcoming).

The contribution of any funding agency to research for articles accepted for publication must be stipulated at the conclusion of the article.

The journal operates within and directs intending authors to the NCREN ‘Guidelines for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences, Law and Humanities.

All articles are published with information as to date of original submission and final acceptance.